Fabrication & Welding

Steel Fabrication - Tidal Generation Tubular/Heavy Lift Capacity (Fabrication and Welding)

Tidal Generation Tubular/Heavy Lift Capacity

The fabrication and welding workshops cover an area of 4100 sq m, which enables the company to assemble structure up to 80 tonnes. Tubulars, comprising multiple cans, welded using submerged arc, can be produced up to a max diameter of 5 metres with a total length of 26 metres.

An extensive library of weld procedures, which covers most of our customers welding criteria, is complemented by our quality management system ISO9001:2015.

Our catalogue of qualified weld procedures cover:

  • EEMUA, EN15164, ASME, AWS
  • National standards & witnessed by Lloyd’s Register
  • Covering manual and sub arc welding

and materials are covered under

  • BS EN10225: S355
  • BS EN10225: S460

Please view our portfolio for more examples of our work.

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